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Ayahuasca: The magic drink

The effects and dangers of the ayahuasca ceremony

Exploring the ayahuasca trip experience as a way to find the meaning of life

(This is going to be a different post, probably more messy. I wrote this with the help of my Peruvian friend who may or may not have been under the influence of some substances, so apologies in advance for the grammar mistakes).

The brewing of the Ayahuasca is mainly prepared
with the vine of Ayahuasca Cielo (Banisteriopsis
Caapi) and the leaves of Chacruna (Psichotria
Veridis). The Ayahuasca has been used for
thousands of years by healers in the Amazon. Her
medicine gives clarity to see and feel a state of
mind and body in its energy form. The Icaros,
sacred songs of the healer, channel the energies of
the master plants to the knots within our energy;
source of our sorrows, of our troubles, of our
sufferings and of our illnesses. And so it heals the
source of our physical and mental pains to
rediscover the harmony.

The energies of Ayahuasca carry the knowledge of our
body, of our life, our world and of the Earth, and have the
power to cure all that goes against our health. The healing
and spiritual growth with Ayahuasca medicine is a gradual
and personal process.

Confrontation with our own energies: the medicine
reveals what goes against the harmony in our life. She
presents something deep inside and what is blocking us
going forward freely, she teaches us to let go and helps us
to free our mind.

Cleaning and purge: our pain comes from the life we live.
By keeping our past energies and by living without listening to our heart, we create constraints and knots of energies that block our vital functions in being fluid. Adding to the afflictions we keep inside. With the willingness to move forward, the medicine activates the purge and alleviates our damaging energies.

Communication and connection to ourselves: tell your spirit about your deep and positive intentions and establish the
change in our lives. Embracing the spiritual world us gives us more height and vision to understand the meaning of our

Spiritual growth: Ayahuasca Medicine raises our consciousness and fills our self- love. She harmonizes and protects our energies and teaches us to travel freely in our life.
During the ceremony, the healers sing Icaros and create a safe healing space. The vibrations of the Icaros carry the knowledge of the plant spirits and allow us to receive the teachings. They permit everybody to go deeper into what is necessary. During the healing process, the more you wish from your heart, the more the medicine heals. The spirit of the “mother of medicines” cleans all disharmonies and leads us to our true nature in order to perceive the reality of life with more awareness.

ayahuasca first time

Bong Gu having her own little ayahuasca trip


The simple diet provides access to an efficient connection with natural medicines. Food is the primary medicine of the
body and spirit, it can create new obstacles in the body during the healing process. The diet and the following rules
enhance the spiritual growth and the interactions with the spirits of the medicine.
• No (or little) salt
• No added sugar
• No fat
• No meat
• No spices
• No coffee, no tea
• No sexual stimulation
• No alcohol, no drugs

The quality of healing depends on the quality of the diet. The strict diet brings us to the roots of what we are and is
the driving force of our personal development. During the strict diet, the food is only grilled fish, green bananas, and fariña (made out of yuka). The choice of refraining from the body’s desires during the diet must be voluntary. The more
we prove our resistance to desire, the more our spirit grows and the more the spirits of the medicine can deepen their healing. The simple diet is suitable for good inner-work and to grow within our healing process.

The strict diet

The strict diet heals our sufferings deeply and teaches the medicine of the master plants. The discipline and the rigor
activate the entire absorption of the medicine. In the beginning, it is necessary to concentrate on the plant to listen to
the vibration inside. The rich food, sexual relations or a too active flow of thinking will block the subtleties of what the
plants are trying to teach us. It is necessary to liberate our thoughts to be in the now. Meditating, speaking to the plants
and telling them what we need, opens the access to the medicine they provide. When we drink the essence of the plant
during the diet, it is important to understand that the teaching is done in the now, so to receive the most of the
medicine, concentration is essential.
It is not always simple to keep in a straight line, distractions are common. The negativity of the plants mainly comes first
to test our power and resistance. With these distractions, we receive only the illusion of the healing, the ones who see
but don´t act. Following the teachings of the medicine, we are guided into more depth; each lesson liberates us more
and increases our understanding of ourselves. Not following the teaching creates a blockage that can disturb the
process considerably. That is why the experience of the shaman is important to guide you to the
light and helps remove the negativity of the plants that can appear to you.



The Kambo is the venom of a frog (Phyllomedusa Bicolor) which is placed
on the skin. The medicine of the Kambo purifies our body and pushes away
the superficial energies we have inside. It is an antibacterial, antivirus and
increases our immunologic defenses. The use
of the Kambo makes us less vulnerable to
illnesses. Kambo strengthens our body and
increases our willingness to work and go ahead.
It improves our sight; the hunters of the
Amazon uses it to sharpen their vision and
hearing. The Kambo, in a general way,
improves the quality of concentration. It
regulates and heals all kind of illnesses in
relation to blood pressure.



The cleaning bath is prepared with leaves and flowers from various plants and trees. It
cleans our energies and deepens our connection with the healing spirits. The cleaning
bath protects our purity to do our inner work without confusion. It puts a protecting veil
around the body. It removes our uneasiness. It filters out the distractions and external
energies so we can get the most knowledge of the medicine and grow with no disturbance
on our path.



The fower bath is prepared with aromatic leaves and flowers. The flowers
embellish our energies and attract good vibrations. Flowers are the creators of
life and get all the knowledge of the plants. They open our senses and perfume
the creation of our feelings with their charming fragrance. The perfume of the
fower spreads the love in our heart, bringing inner peace. Flower baths have the
power to shine on our aura and reveal our qualities and our virtues.


The ceremonies

• 1 Tobacco & Ajo Sacha
• 3 or 4 Ayahuasca
• 1 Kambo
• Cleaning and fower baths

Retreats usually use we use the medicine of the Earth with a lot of respect and we focus on the communication with the spirits of the medicines. In the healing process with natural medicine, we need to open the doors of our world and interact with the guardians of the medicine, so our inner work can receive the correct service of the medicine. Our world is revealed to us, our thoughts and feelings are guided by what our heart transmits. We can breathe and grow in our life with awareness and wonder.

During our retreats, you integrate the knowledge of natural medicine in a kind, respectful and careful space. You will find the answer to your questions, understand your deep intentions and become the maker of your transformation. We elaborate the program according to the group and give personalized attention to each. Everybody reacts differently to the medicine, so we accompany you and give you the tools to grow in your own process. Our camp has been designed to enhance connections with the medicinal plants in a comfortable surrounding in the wild jungle without connection to the outside world. You will be able to concentrate on your inner work in a peaceful environment, understand and
interact with the numerous medicinal plants that we use to heal all energetic levels in the body, heart, and spirit.

ayahuasca ceremony

My puppy Bong Gu in her dream world, after our ayahuasca retreat

Retreats usually include:

• Care and follow up according to the intentions and needs of every participant.
• All the medicines and healing work during and after the ceremonies.
• Time to reflect and share to further understand the energies you received during the ceremonies.
• Soft diet meals every day.
• Lodging in the camp
• Small groups, 8 people max
• Assistance with transport from Iquitos to the camp and reverse
Pre-diet and post-diet.

To prepare for e work with the natural medicine during retreats, we recommend you to follow a simple diet at least 1 week before our arrival. In this way, you will give yourself the power to reach your objectives and much more. We recommend, as soon as possible, to stop any medical treatment while on retreats. After a diet and to get the best of the blessings you received with the plant, we recommend you to follow a simple diet at least 1 week after the end of the retreat.

Warning: It’s possible to see some of these animals on your trip.

If you’re interested in reading about my personal experiences while taking ayahuasca, check out this post and if you have any questions let us know through the form on our site.

Ayahuasca: The magic drink Reviewed by on . Exploring the ayahuasca trip experience as a way to find the meaning of life (This is going to be a different post, probably more messy. I wrote this with the h Exploring the ayahuasca trip experience as a way to find the meaning of life (This is going to be a different post, probably more messy. I wrote this with the h Rating: 0
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