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17 cutest animals of Peru

The ultimate guide to the cuties of Peru

South America is home to some of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. Considering this, I was quite excited to see the wildlife over my most recent visit to Peru.

But as I prepared for my trip, I couldn’t help but wonder: What are the top Peru animal facts?


First of all, it is important to note that Peru houses a large chunk of the Amazon rainforest, holds the Andes, and connects to the Pacific Ocean, all of which add to the country’s status as a wildlife haven. For instance, the Andean condor Peru houses within its lands is the world’s largest flying bird. While other dangerous animals in Peru such as the Peru jaguar often get starring roles in documentaries, the country is also home to cute animals such as llamas, alpacas, and tapirs. In fact, vicuna, which is the Peru national animal, often gets referred to as one of the cutest animals in the country.


Overall, Peru is rich in some of the most diverse wildlife that you would ever see in a single country. That’s why, if you are going to Peru, then the following 17 animals would be a must-see.


1. The Vicuna That Prances Around as the Official Peru Country Animal

cute little lovely vicuna

Cutie vicuna


Decorating the Peruvian coat of arms, Vicuna is Peru country animal. This cute camelid is also believed to be the ancestor to domesticated alpacas.


Due to its distinctive coat, the Peru national animal vicuna also produces some of the most expensive wool in the world.


According to the Wall Street Journal, a scarf made of vicuna wool could cost you a whopping $4,000!


2. The Southern Viscacha That is Too Preoccupied to Care


Southern Vizcacha FTW!


Known for looking extremely similar to a rabbit, the Southern viscacha is another animal of mystery from South America.


But while it may look like a bunny, it sure isn’t one. The southern viscacha with its long ears, short muzzle, and very fuzzy fur is very much a rodent.


If you don’t believe it, it can present its bushy tail to refute any argument that you might have. And while it does so, it will make sure to wiggle its little muzzle to get its point across.


3. The Andean Cock-of-the-rock Peru Takes Pride In

Andean Cock-of-the-rock

Cutest bird ever!


The Andean cock-of-the-rock Peru takes great pride in is one of the most beautifully colored birds you’ll ever see.


With a vivid orange plumage that adorns its black wings and tail, the male bird looks as distinctive as possible. Females have a more brownish color. But together, each couple of these birds makes for a magnificent pair.


4. The Llama Peru Animals Have Become Synonymous With

my dog and llamas

My puppy Bong Gu staring at the llamas


Talk about Peru, and the image of llamas passing through mountains immediately springs to mind. Since llamas are bound to bring a smile to those who grew up with the underrated-yet-acclaimed The Emperor’s New Groove, that mental imagery is very pleasant indeed.


With their magnificent looks, a nonchalant attitude and an adorable disregard for strangers, llamas and their spitting habits have become a long-running internet meme.


If you ever wanted to see the llama Peru animals have become synonymous with, then you would be in at visiting the country. Domesticated llamas are especially easy to find within Peru. But you would also be able to see wild llamas roaming around if you take a trip to Machu Picchu.


5. The Peru Jaguar That Defines Strength

peru jaguar

Jaguar cute and lovely


When you talk about cuteness with a lot of magnificence, the Peru Jaguar almost always makes the cut.


Serving fierce looks with a certain level of grace, these big cats are considered a symbol of power more than being one of the more dangerous animals in Peru.


They also boast an appeal which remains too broad to define into words yet translates beautifully into real life. That is also why they are known for personifying Amazon’s alluring mystery.


That very quality makes them one of the most famous animals that inspire countless paintings, tapestries and other works of art on a regular basis.


6. The Amazon River Dolphin That Swims Its Way to Everyone’s Heart

Amazon River Dolphin

The real king of the Amazon


Whether anyone loves marine life or not, they always agree that dolphins are one of the most adorable creatures of the sea.


That is why, the Amazon river dolphin gets the much need attention by everyone who knows of its existence. Also called the pink river dolphin due to its distinctive color, this river mammal differs from ocean dolphins in another significant way.


Instead of having a dorsal fin on their backs, these dolphins sport humps very confidently. This gives them such an adorable look that it remains indescribable in words.


7. The Humboldt Penguin That is Always Going to a Dinner Party

Humboldt Penguin

Loving and caring penguin


Thanks to their natural “dinner jacket” marks, penguins are known as being nature’s perpetual party guests.


And if you ever do a competition of “Who Wore It Better” amongst the penguins, then the Humboldt penguin from Peru is certain to waddle its way to the list of best dressed.


Being at the center of Peru animal facts lists, these magnificent penguins attract a large crowd to any zoo that they are a part of. And they a great job of bringing smiles to those who like their awards night looks.


8. The Andean Condor Peru Holds as the Largest Bird in the World

 Andean Condor

King of the Peruvian skies.


When mammals such as llamas and jaguars don’t do the trick for birdwatchers, it’s the Andean condor Peru is ready to show off to the world.


As the largest flying bird in the world with regard to weight and wingspan, the Andean condor is an exotic species. Its magnificence is translated through the sky to the grounds that it often touches, where its size is often measurable to that of a six-feet-tall human.


While not exactly the symbol of conventional cuteness, the Andean condor hold a certain beauty that is especially regarded by avian enthusiasts.



9. The Andean Mountain Cat That Resembles a Furball

Andean Mountain Cat

Soft kitty…


With its distinctive face, slouchy posture and tufty tail, the Andean mountain cat is sure to bring a massive level of joy to anyone who loves these nature’s furballs.


As a wild cat that lives in the great Andes mountains, the Andean mountain cat is hard to spot for the untrained eye. But since it is an endangered species, those who do come face to face by it in Peru make sure to give it the privacy it needs.


With that being said, you can still enjoy the company of domesticated Andean mountain cats, who have inherited the same level of adorable grouchiness as their wilder counterparts.


10. The Rio Mayo Titi That Redefines New World Monkeys

Rio Mayo Titi

Too cute little Mayo Titi


Found in the magnificent lands of Peru, the Rio Mayo titi is a New World monkey.


With its furry look and adorable demeanor, this primate is certain to personify cuteness at a whole new level.


Since Rio Mayo titi are critically endangered, you can only find them in Peru – or over the internet. With that being said, those who know the importance of innocent lives are making great efforts for their conservation.


11. The Marine Otter That Combines Mystery and Cuteness

 Marine Otter

Sea Otter looking curious


While otters are largely known for their cuteness, the marine otter brings some mystery to the mix in order to spice things up for Peru animal facts.


Also referred to as saltwater otters, these mysterious creatures are reserved to the South American waters and land.


While experts have looked into their distribution status in a detailed manner, they remain an animal of mystery. And coupled with their presence, that description actually enhances their adorable form.  


12. The White Winged-Guan That Prances Through the Winds

White Winged-Guan

My kind of bird


While it is undoubtedly the Andean condor Peru is greatly proud of, the white-winged guan holds its own pretty neatly.


Known for its distinctive looks that have also given it this descriptive name, the white-winged guan is considered by bird watchers as of the more sophisticated birds that Mother Nature has painted with care.


Compared largely to turkeys, white-winged guans are a rare sight for those who love birds – which makes them all the more desirable to see even if it’s just a once in a lifetime instance.


13. The Mountain Tapir That Makes Everyone Smile

Mountain Tapir

My kind of pet


While a Peru Jaguar often gets the attention for its strength, the mountain tapir also follows close with distinctive looks that are only known for its species.


With a small yet bulky frame, the mountain tapirs could easily fit in the internet’s chonky category. The often do so as well, and impress the hearts of many in the process.


The mountain tapir is also the only tapir that gladly lives in rougher lands. And this stubbornness just makes them more adorable.


14. The Spectacled Bear That Doesn’t Need an Optician, Thank You Very Much

Spectacled Bear

Looks a bit like a dog


When you talk about Peru animal facts, the list doesn’t get completed until the immensely cute spectacled bear has been mentioned at least once.


Also called the Andean short-faced bear, the spectacled bear is the only remaining species from the short-faced bear family.


A light-colored face and dark marks around the eyes give the bear its distinctive and adorable name, while its overall form only adds to that image.



15. The Giant Anteater That Has Defied the Odds Since 25 Million Years

Giant Anteater

Naughty boy


The giant anteater, also called bear anteater, is a native to Peru as well as other parts of South and Central America.


As a part of the limited wildlife from Peru that has been distributed around the world, the giant anteater is one of the better-known animals from the country.


With its large fur, more than 6 feet of length, and the only one of the anteaters to be active during the day, the giant anteater makes sure to live up to its name.


16. The Alpaca That Doesn’t Think Much of the World


What’s the difference between an alpaca, a llama, a guanaco, and a vicuna? Does anyone know?


While it’s the llama Peru animals have often been synonymous with, its almost-twin alpaca isn’t one to be left behind.


With a woolier fir and shorter neck, alpacas look as adorable in real life as they do in wildlife photography.


Domesticated alpacas are known for “tolerating” their humans, but their naturally grumpy face takes their level of cuteness to new heights.


17. The Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey That’s Up to No Good

 Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey

About to drop the mic from the tree


Throw one look at the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, and you would know that the bundle of mischief and fur is cooking up a scheme.


And that very look on its face is what makes the yellow-tailed monkey so adorable while also being a part of a large list of Peru animal facts.


Since the New World monkey is endemic to Peru, it could be naturally seen in the country. It’s especially cute when it’s consuming its natural diet of fruits and flowers.


Bonus Animal! My puppy Bong Gu~


cute dog visits machu pichu

Bruno and Bong Gu in Machu pichu


Even though Bong Gu is not technically from Peru, we traveled there together and had a great time. On the picture above we are in Machu Pichu. You can see some of her pictures in Peru here.

And this is the last one of our cuties for today. If you want more check out the Peruvian Hairless Dog.


Keep safe and see you on the next one!!


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