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Top 6 Things to Do in Peru

Best things to do in Peru                               

Peru has a number of travel destinations. You could visit the Incan ruins in Machu Pichhu and the Cusco region, the Andes mountain range or the Peruvian Amazonian region. Peru is one of the most amazing countries in South America. The ones who are fortunate enough to purchase affordable airline tickets to this South American country for future travel get the flexibility of booking some of the most interesting activities along with the typical and majestic excursion of the Machu Picchu. Other adventures that can be enjoyed in Peru include the Lima City tours and the Inca Trail. Peru is one of the best travel destinations for the strong-hearted and the adventurous. It is welcoming to the tourists and is as Latin Americanized as any other country can be. Therefore, shed the attitude and the stereotype for enjoying your trip here. If you are planning a visit to this country then it makes complete sense to know some of the most amazing things to do in Peru.

Peru is a country in South America with approximately 30 million inhabitants. It is also an interesting destination with a large number of beautiful and unique locations everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Awesome beaches and historical places leave a strong impression on visitors and unique food improves the quality of the user experience. Furthermore, this article is written with an intention to bring closer this amazing country to the eyes of readers that might become Peru visitors in the future.

Peru is definitely an awesome destination all travelers should visit as soon as possible. There are so many interesting places to see that leave an eternal impression on all the visitors. Also, Peru is full of unusual locations that you cannot see anywhere else. This is a country different than others with huge mountains and ocean beaches.

A list of great national parks hides many secrets and uncommon animal species. But there are definitely much more than that. The introduction is just a type of iceberg, and it is often hard to explain the magic of this country with pure words. However, we will definitely try to present to you a few really unusual and uncommon location in Peru.

Hiking from One Town to another on Colca Canyon’s North Rim

Things to Do in Peru

Colca Canyon happens to be off the radar for the majority of the tourists. It is a place that serves as a heaven of farmland, genuinely friendly locales and small towns that have remained untainted even with the passing of a large number of visitors. The tourists coming to this canyon generally pack up the Cruz del Condor– a prime lookout spot that is probably a must-see attraction in Peru. Note that it is one of the best places in the world to have the sight of the Andean Condors that surround the canyon. However, it is not the only attraction of this region. There are small towns lying on both the rims of the canyon with 5 to 10 miles of road between them. This is the ideal distance for day hiking.

The Hiking Trail

It would be perfect to start the hike on the North Rim that does not have a lot of tourists and then head to the Cruz del Condor further crossing the canyon to the South Rim close to the Lari town. It will take around three days for the hikers to reach Cruz del Condor after covering a distance of around 25 miles post starting. The entire hiking trail is filled with some of the most stunning sights of the canyon and the snow-capped mountains rimming it.

Ancient Ruins and Weaving Shops near Ayacucho

Ayacucho served as home to the most violent wars between the Peruvian government and the Shining Path rebel movement during the 1980s and the early 1990s. it is only because of this reason that the region started being considered as one of the most unsafe destinations for the tourists to Peru. However, after the arrest of Abimael Guzman, the leader of the Shining Path movement in the year 1992, things have remained calm. The good news is that the charms of Ayacucho are still intact and the region is open to anyone who can travel and think independently.

Ruins and Weaving

Ayacucho is home to some of the most brilliant weavers in the country. The place called Barrio Santa Ana boasts of innumerable weaving stores where the owners serve as artisans skilled in churning out exclusive patterns of the most superior quality. weaving is the one and the only source of income for the people in Ayacucho. The weavers here will be more than happy to show you their looms and the weaving procedure as well. The place is also known for its gigantic Pre-Incan ruins of Wari right outside town.

Wari is a 15 square kilometer city made of stacked stone. It was constructed around 800 AD by the Wari Empire. A major part of this city is buried due to shifting sand but there still remains a large area that remains open for the tourists. The tourists at this place need to pay a small fee for visiting the Wari ruins.

Sailing Down the Amazon on Cargo Boats

Things to Do in Peru

Reaching the destination is important but what is more important is the means by which you reach your destination. Majority of the tourists making their way towards Iquitos- the world’s biggest city unreachable by road, choose to take a flight from Lima or the other cities. This would not serve to be adventurous. If you are really bent on getting the best enjoyment from some of the most wonderful things to do in Peru then take a slow boat as the locals do. Starting from Tarapoto in North Peru try grabbing share taxi of two hours to the petty riverside town called Yurimaguas.

Here you can get a boat heading downstream through the Maranon, Amazon and Huallaga rivers to Iquitos. There are a large number of boats that make this trip on a regular basis. It would be better for you to go for the boats available from Eduardo Transports Company. This is because the boats from the source are better and cleaner run than the boats available from the other agencies.

Pricing and Facilities

There are two choices that you will get when hiring a boat to sail down through the Amazon. You can either make a payment of $10 for slinging a hammock on the deck where you can sleep or pay between $90 and $ 100 for having a cabin with a couple of bunks, a lockable door, and a bathroom. both these options come included with food but no drinking water. you will have to get your own water. while the first option is more affordable and adventurous, it leaves your kit vulnerable to loss or theft. You will also be forced to use the general lavatory if you go for the first option.

Sailing down the Amazon on a cargo boat is probably one of the best things to do in Peru mainly because it takes you through the jungle on one side and the incredibly broad river on the other side. It is a two and a half-day trip where you can also witness some of the most unbelievable Amazonian sunsets. You can even see pink river dolphins if you happen to be fortunate enough.

Camping in the Paracas National Reserve

For the ones who have this strong urge to feel like the last person alive on this planet, camping and hiking in the Paracas National reserve would be the best thing to do. This is one reserve that protects the extraordinary selection of marine life consisting of sea lions and penguins. The land part of this reserve is literally an empty wasteland that is devoid of life. The place features three superb restaurants collectively called the Lagunillas. The best thing that you can do is hire a taxi from Pisco town and make your way towards the reserve to cross the restaurants. Equip your vehicle with more water and food than you could use and set off on foot from this place.

Things to Do in Peru
Things to Do in Peru

Tourists get the flexibility of camping almost anywhere. However, there is this big problem of getting lost at any moment. Choose a campsite along the oceanfront and spend one night here. Next, turn around and then follow the coast back to the restaurants where you will easily get a taxi. Going right at the center of the desert is not recommended as you are going to run this risk of losing your direction very quickly. This is mainly because it is a featureless landscape. It is also important for you to be careful while walking because the 100 foot high cliffs on the waterfront edge might suddenly collapse taking you down. The sunset here is spectacular and you will also be able to spot some sea lions. This is one of the best things to do in Peru especially for travelers who are on the lookout of complete solitude.

Visiting the Kuelap Fortress

Kuélap is located in North Peru and it boasts of a gigantic fortress that surrounds a mountaintop completely. This fortress is generally compared to Machu Picchu for its grandeur. There are three options to get to this fortress. You can either go with the touring groups or you have the option of arranging private transportation or you can even hike up from the Tingo village. Getting to the fortress through the hiking trail is really adventurous and is filled with solitude at the same time. it will also offer you a sense of great achievement on reaching the top. The fortress offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Hiking to Gocta Falls

Gocta Falls is the world’s third-highest waterfall located in Northern Peru. This waterfall is a thin streak of water dropping 2, 536 feet down to a minuscule lagoon. It can only be reached through a hiking trail of around two hours. There are very few tourists who actually try this one of the most adventurous things to do in Peru.

If you are really bent on trying out all the above-mentioned things to do in Peru, try learning the Spanish language and even grab some travel experience.


Bonus Places to visit in Peru:

Pyramids of Paratoari

These mysterious objects were noticed by NASA satellites in 1976 when they recorded something strange in the southeast of Peru. The Inca people were inhabitants of the area, but the pyramids are most likely a natural phenomenon, and they were not built by them, according to scientific reports of some explorers who have visited the area.

For instance, Gregory Deyermenijan investigated the location and saw by his own eyes that these objects were not made by human hands. But it does not change that fact that the place isreally uncommon and odd. There is most likely nothing similar in the entire world, so you should definitely consider coming here if you are in Peru. It would be definitely an exciting experience.




These are ruined objects built by pre-Incan Culla people on the coast of Lake Titicaca. The group of unusual towers was the cylindrical necropolis. The objects are also known as “chullpas” and they were developed by stacked blocks. The craftwork was done in a great manner and animal symbols are still visible on many of these blocks. The tallest of these objects is roughly 40 feet tall, and all of them were intended for large noble families of the Culla civilization. It’s also the location that is worth visiting, so you should do that when you arrive in Peru.

Carlos Fitzcarrald’s Grave

Carlos Fitzcarrald was a Peruvian rubber baron who died in 1897 after an accident with his ship. He was also an inspiration for an epic movie Fitzcarraldo. The grave itself is not so unusual as other locations on this list, but this person definitely was an uncommon one.

Carlos was a rubber baron who explored the deepest parts of Amazon jungles in the 19th century. He was fearless and nothing could stop him in his search for the wealth. His white tomb is mainly forgotten in the cemetery among many other graves. However, you would not go wrong if you decide to visit the eternal resting place of this brave baron.

Cordillera Blanca

Except for wonderful beaches, unique food, awesome national parks, and unique cuisine, Peru is also known by big mountains. The Cordillera Blanca is, for example, one of these great locations, where you can experience hiking on a huge mountain, which is higher than the Himalayas. You can see glacial lakes and visit Parque Nacional Huascaran which are located there.

Floating Reed Islands

Floating Reed Islands were constructed by Uros people who wanted to avoid aggressive ethnic group in the mainland. The islands have survived until today and they are located on Lake Titicaca. It is a place with awesome and unique objects, and it is definitely worth visiting.

The Coast

The country is very popular among surfers from all parts of the world due to the great cost excellent for such activity on the sea. Peru is known by the longest and consistent waves ideal for the purpose. The cost’s climate and water condition are suitable for surfing, so if you love that activity, you should definitely visit Peru because the country has a lot to offer when it comes to that matter.

Reserva Nacional Pacaya-Samira

Reserva Nacional Pacaya-Samira is the largest national park in the country you must visit if you are in Peru. A variety of unusual and unique animal species will leave you breathless. For instance, you can see pink river dolphins, Amazon manatees, giant turtles, and 6-meter caimans among other interesting species. If you are an animal lover, you have to visit this place as soon as you arrive in the country.

Nazca Lines

In Peru, you should definitely visit mysterious Nazca Lines of unknown origin. No one knows how made these big lines. Some believe it is a masterpiece of aliens, others claim they are made by prehistoric balloonists. The lines are located in Southern Peru.

Lima Cuisine

Clearly, Peru is a country with many great places, but Lima is best known for its special food. That’s the place you must visit when you want to get an extraordinary meal. There are many restaurants where you can try various unique meals which will stay in your memory your whole life.


Machu Picchu

All have probably heard of Machu Picchu. It was a lost Inca citadel discover in the early twenty century. The old town is located in the highest position of east Andes. It is full of interesting objects built for ceremonial purposes. Machu Picchu was selected as one of the Seven Wonders of the Wolrd in 2007. These all are great reasons to visit this awesome location if you are in Peru.


Peru, a country in South America, is a pretty popular destination among travelers, backpackers and hikers , aiming for the famous Machu Picchu.Do your plans involve a trip to Peru?Are you looking for guides and tips so you will be ready when the time of your arrival finally comes ? Most people who are regular travelers enjoy reading blogs, browsing the web and watch videos about place they are planning to visit next, in order to not miss any details, monuments and cool places to have fun. In this article you will be shown a list of the top YouTube channels about Peru so you can prepare yourself.

Best Youtube channels about Peru

Coco Trips: Coco Maggio is an Argentinean actor, he loves Peru so much, that he decided to launch his own YouTube channel about traveling to share incredible destinations and adventures, in his country, Peru. He is aspiring to be a motivationonal figure for people that love travelling.


Buen viaje: An adventurous mom, a Peruvian traveler. The videos of her YouTube channel are by showing activities, places and various Peruvian sightseeing attractions you must not miss on your travels.



ViajeraZsa: Zsa Zsa Frayssinet is female traveler and the owner of this YouTube channel. Before starting her career at YouTube she has been already travelling around as a host of a travelling program. In this channel she shares her tips and trips around Peru.




Atrevi2 Misión Viajera : This is a channel owned by a young couple from Peru , Freddy Onaja and Liz Yamashiro . Their trips are adventurous and full of adrenaline , they take on a lot of challenges in their trips around Peru which they share through videos on their social network.


Misias pero viajeras: Daniela Cabrera and Fátima Sotomayor the owners of this channel, are considered to be running on of the best traveling YouTube channel about Peru, they focus on traveling with budget , in their channel you will a lot of ways to do trips without spending a fortune.


Visit Peru : Visit Peru is the official YouTube channel of Peru’s tourism . Being managed by natives in this channel you will learn about interesting places , hidden treasures and exciting events.


Viajar de a 2: This is another traveling YouTube channel owned by a couple from Peru, Giannina and Christian, who decided to abandon their 9-5 office job and start traveling around Peru. In their videos they are showing a lot of interesting places in the country along with their romantic experiences.


One of the benefits of Peru as a traveling destination is the pricing there which is quite inexpensive. You can be a month in this country go from place to place , even do the Inca trail while spending a budget that you would be otherwise spent in a week on more popular tropical destinations.



Hopefully, this article was enough for you to create some idea on when you can visit in Peru. You are, of course, not obligated to visit all the locations, but you can see at least one. Peru is full of extraordinary places, and it would be hard to mention them all in one short text.


To top it all up, here are a few extra questions you may have about Peru:


Where is Peru located on the map?                                    

Peru is located in western South America. Geographically, it is located between Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile. Its western border is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

When to travel to Peru?                                

The best time to travel to Peru is either between the high season of June-August or the shoulder seasons of March-May or September-November. Visiting Peru during winter is a problematic decision that could cause a lot of hassles for you.


Which currency does Peru use?                                        

The currency of Peru is the Peruvian Sol. It is available in the denomination of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200.


Why is Peru the best place to visit?                                      

Peru is the best place to visit for tourists who love history, architecture, nature, and wildlife. With the remains of the Incan Empire structures, the Andes mountain range and the biodiversity found throughout the Peruvian Amazonia, it has something to offer to everyone.







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